School Ideals

Autonomy - Determine your own path!

Spirit - Have a strong and vibrant spirit!

Creation - Take initiative and create something new!

School Mission

The three words which make up the school’s ideals are carved on this stone.

Cultivating sensitivity & developing students’ gifts.

Surrounded by the natural beauty of Ojika, students gradually gain confidence and learn to stand on their own.

They recognize and develop their goals for the future.

Hokusho West High School does everything in its power to support its students!

Hokusho West is a partner in a unique cooperation between the elementary, junior, and senior high schools known as the “Grow Up Plan”  aims to better transition students from one level to the next.  Teachers and students collaborate between schools, and a curriculum is crafted to suit the particular needs of students from a small island community.

Hokusho West High School

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School Mission
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