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Activity report (2015)

Lectures and courses

2015.05.15 Special lecture by Capt. Jon A. McBride, former NASA astronaut
2015.05.29 SGH keynote speech by Dr. Shigeru Katamine, president of Nagasaki University
(Title: "Thinking ‘globally’ in Nagasaki")
2015.09.24 Lecture by Mr. Masahiro Fukuhara, representative of IGS
(Title: "In order to shine in 2030")
2015.09.28 Writing course by Ms. Sayaka Toyama, Assistant professor of Nagasaki University Education Innovation Center
2015.10.16 Presentation course by Ms. Kaori Yano, Assistant professor of Nagasaki University regional education cooperation and support center

SGH lectures and opinion exchange meeting conducted by higher professional institutions, organizations, etc.

<Peace division>

2015.06.23 Tastujiro Suzuki (Director of Nagasaki University Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition)
"Toward the abolition of nuclear weapons ~ the major challenges and initiatives by RECNA~”
2015.06.24 Katsuhiko Takizawa (Associate Professor of Nagasaki University School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences)
"Thinking about peace and religion from the perspective of Nagasaki and Mongolia ~ through the field work experience~”

<Medical division>

2015.06.25 Kazuhiko Nakao (Professor of Nagasaki University Faculty of Medicine)
"Overseas medical support."
2015.06.25 Koichi Morita (Dean of Institute of Tropical Medicine)
"Current status of tropical infectious diseases."

<Water division>

2015.06.22 Hironori Hamasaki (Associate Professor of Nagasaki University Faculty of Environmental Science)
"World water crisis and Asia, and Japan ~ A small action can change our environment! ~"
2015.06.24 Akihide Tada (Professor of Nagasaki University Faculty of Engineering)
"About the water environmental problem in a shuttered area of the sea in Nagasaki Prefecture"
2015.06.26 Yoshiki Matsushita (Professor of Nagasaki University Faculty of Fisheries)
"The sea, fish and us."

Field work

<Peace division>

2015.07.15 Field work learning Assembly at Nagasaki University School of Global Humanities and Social Sciences
2015.07.30 Atomic Bomb Museum visit Questionnaire in the Peace Park Opinion exchange meeting with students from Ritsumeikan High School
2015.08.03 Message song in chorus for peace with a popular rock band "Straightener"
2015.08.07 PBL exercises on "the globalization of the local economy" at Nagasaki University Faculty of Economics Opinion exchange meeting with foreign students

<Medical division>

2015.08.07 Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine visit Opinion exchange meeting with graduate students
2015.08.07 Group work on "Regional Comprehensive Care" at Nagasaki University School of Medicine

<Water division>

2015.08.05 Tour through the experimental facilities and equipment of Nagasaki University Faculty of Engineering and questions about and the study
2015.08.06 Visits to the companies and field researches and questions about the research (Kyowa Machinery & Electrical Industry, Huis Ten Bosch)

SGH Research project conference

2015.12.08 Interim report at Nagasaki Higashi High School
2016.02.15 SGH Research project conference at Nagasaki Brick Hall

2015 Research Topics

Division Title
1-③ Peace Do we need nuclear on the earth?
1-④ Peace “Atomic” ~Differences between “nuclear power generation” and “nuclear weapon”~
1-⑥ Peace “Action for World Peace” by giving up nuclear weapons
2-② Peace What can we do for making a friendship with China?
3-⑦ Peace The differences of POSITIVE PEACE & PROACTIVE PEACE
3-⑧ Peace PEACE EDUCATION ~Difference between peace education of Nagasaki and that of foreign countries~
4-① Peace THE GAP
4-② Peace Debate over nuclear weapon
4-③ Peace Let’s find the solution to improve Japan-China relations by reflecting Nagasaki-Fukushu relations
5-⑥ Peace Saving people who are suffering from starvation around the world by cooking preserved food using popular food in Nagasaki
5-⑧ Peace Let’s Spread Peace Education of Nagasaki!
6-① Peace Today reflected from a viewpoint of Dejima
6-④ Peace The reason why Japan-China relations have deteriorated and the plan for its Improvement
7-① Peace Can much better peace education make a peaceful world?
7-② Peace Let’s research about an established system to accept refugees!
1-① Medical The medical problem of Nagasaki and Africa
1-② Medical Support medical care in the world from one in Nagasaki
1-⑧ Medical To save Southeast Asia from dengue
2-③ Medical Mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever
2-⑤ Medical Why don’t you consider mararia with us?
2-⑥ Medical Searching for the way to improve refugee’s quality of life using food in Nagasaki
2-⑦ Medical How Nagasaki contributes to extension of life expectancy in the world
3-① Medical Prevention of the spread of rabies
3-② Medical Cholera and public health ~Possibility of portable toilets introduced in India~
3-③ Medical Think about the measures against mosquites that can be used both in Japan and in developing countries
4-④ Medical We think about an infectious disease in terms of infection course  ~Looking at Africa from Nagasaki~
4-⑤ Medical The world dental caries incidence rate
4-⑥ Medical Rabies in Japan and China
5-④ Medical The effect of building BSL-4facilities in Nagasaki.
5-⑤ Medical How to reduce the damage from tick
6-⑦ Medical How to make use of the experience that eradicated Filariae in an isolated island in Nagasaki to eradicate it in the world.
6-⑧ Medical The Public Health of Using Soap
7-③ Medical Measures of pollution in developing countries
7-④ Medical if Ebola come to Nagasaki
7-⑤ Medical A Mask to prevent air infectious diseases such as tuberculosis
7-⑥ Medical Chemical-Free Pesticide
1-⑤ Water Effect by the re-use of water
1-⑦ Water a recycling device of the water in Nagasaki
2-① Water Think of a Dam of Nagasaki ~Learn from Konnoura Dam~
2-④ Water History of Nagasaki and stable supply of water
2-⑧ Water How should the human cope with a rise in seawater temperature and sea level caused by global warming?
3-④ Water the flow of water and its coolness effect ~Can people feel the coolness of flowing water?~
3-⑤ Water Learn from Nagasaki flood ~Why doesn’t flood decrease?~
3-⑥ Water The effects of sea water pollution ~Looking through seaweed water environment~
4-⑦ Water coexistence of human and creature
4-⑧ Water Recycle of water
5-① Water Water Resources of Nagasaki
5-② Water The Groundwater Pollution by Nitrate-Nitrogen in Shimabara
5-③ Water Reduce water cost by using seawater desalination technology
5-⑦ Water Let’s take a step in privatization!
6-② Water Characteristics and measures of floods in urban areas.  Focusing on Nagasaki severe flood.
6-③ Water A forest creates the pure water
6-⑤ Water Trial of water quality purification by using bivalve mollusk
6-⑥ Water The reason why Ariake Nori is delicious and the method to spread it.
7-⑦ Water Research on the purification of water using a semi-permeable membrane
7-⑧ Water To keep ecosystem of the Urakami River safe
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