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2015.10.12 Nagasaki Newspaper

"Junior high school students report meeting of overseas dispatch"

It was reported that a meeting about the overseas dispatch was held. This dispatch was part of the program by Nagasaki prefecture and 10 2nd-year junior high school students visited Netherlands and France for a week in July. Sanii Okamura participated in this program.

2015.9.24 Nagasaki Newspaper

"Participating in the AIU international exchange program"

It was reported that 2nd-year student Taisei Sonoda was chosen as a member of the "AIU high school international exchange program" and is going to visit the United States from July to August.

2015.7.6 Nagasaki Newspaper

"Young ambassador program by MEXT"

"TOBITATE! Leap for tomorrow! Study abroad campaign" by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has been launched and four students from Nagasaki Higashi High School, 2nd-year student Nanami Baba, 2nd-year student Haruka Horioka, 1st-year student Fumika Sakurama, and 1st-year student Wakana Uesaka will experience it. It was reported that they were going to participate in their own study abroad program.

2015.5.16 Nagasaki Newspaper

Memorial lecture for SGH designated school was held in Nagasaki Higashi High school

It was reported that NASA former astronaut John. A. McBride visited the school and held a lecture to share his experiences about being in space.

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